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January 14, 2021

We know how important it is for our clients to get paid on time and reduce hours spent on admin. That’s why we recommend GoCardless for Xero.

GoCardless for Xero allows you to collect payments automatically or manually for any Xero invoice. The free GoCardless for Xero app can be linked straight to GoCardless providing a fast, efficient way to collect invoice payments from customers with the absolute minimum of hassle.

This has a number of key benefits that will make your finances slicker:
1. Remove late payment issues while improving cashflow
2. Provide an easier way for customers to pay
3. Reconcile payments automatically
4. Cost-effective payments solution
5. Fast and simple setup
And your customers will love how simple and straightforward it is – meaning you get paid faster!

Integrating GoCardless with your existing Xero account is totally free. Also, running the GoCardless Direct Debit solution to collect customer payments is a truly cost-effective option. You pay 1% of the total transaction fee plus 20p and capped at £4, keeping costs down and bringing in steady, predictable income streams in the most productive way possible.

As a GoCardless Certified Partner we can provide you with 3 months free transactions – contact us today for your unique referral link.

  • Terms and Conditions are here
  • Clients referred will receive 3 months of free transaction fees, any monthly fees will still be payable (applicable to Plus and Pro users only)
  • Clients must use our unique link to receive the benefit. Clients who sign up via other methods will not be eligible for the discount
  • The 3 month free trial will commence on the first Friday following creation of a new GoCardless account via our link

Integrating GoCardless with Xero couldn’t be simpler and this video walks you through the steps.
Connect your Xero account to GoCardless, set up your customers automatically and start collecting payments.

As a Xero user, signing up for GoCardless solves late payment, cashflow and reconciliation issues with one simple integration and your customers will thank you for providing such an easy way to settle invoices by Direct Debit.

We love GoCardless and use it ourselves for our payments. For us GoCardless is a no brainer – it’s set up in minutes and saves hours of chasing payments. Drop us an email today to get your account set up with 3 months of free transaction fees.

Source: GoCardless, Xero

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