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January 14, 2021

BrightPay Connect is a cloud add-on to the desktop payroll software we use to process your company payroll. The powerful online features include an automated cloud backup, online employer dashboards, annual leave management, client payroll entry and approval and an employee self-service portal. The payroll itself is still processed by us but the payroll information is stored online on a secure cloud server.

Employer Dashboard
Employers can access a secure online dashboard which gives an overview of the payroll information in one place. The employer dashboard includes notifications, all employee contact details and payslips, any outstanding amounts due to HMRC and reports that have been set up in BrightPay on the desktop application.

BrightPay Connect includes an employee calendar, which can keep record of all employees’ past and scheduled leave, including annual leave, unpaid leave, absence, sick leave, and parenting leave. This is an employer-wide calendar encompassing leave details for all active employees.

The document upload feature allows managers to share documents with individuals, teams or the whole company at the touch of a button. Upload an individual’s contract of employment, performance or training records. Circulate team plans, training material or memos. Distribute the company handbook including all policies and procedures. The document upload feature ensures company documents are organised and that employees can securely access HR information anytime, anywhere.

Employee Self-Service
Employers can invite employees to their own personal employee self-service portal. Employees can view and retrieve current and historic payslips and other payroll documents such as a P60, P45, or P11Ds and auto enrolment letters. The self-service app provides a digital platform employees can securely anytime, anywhere. Through these app features, you can provide your employees with access to GDPR compliant self-service tools, a payslip library and a user-friendly holiday leave management facility.

User Access & Restrictions
Employers have the option to add as many users as they wish to a BrightPay Connect account at no additional cost.
An administrator has full control over a BrightPay Connect account, with the ability to edit account settings, add other users and invite employees (usually done by us when a new employee starts).
A standard user has the ability to view financial information including payslips and reports, employees marked as confidential, and requests to approve employee holiday. Standard users can have their access limited for example, by department, to only view employee requests or employee documents, to name a few.

Source: BrightPay

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