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Does this sound familiar?

“Running my own business will give me the flexibility and freedom to spend more time doing the things I love with my friends and family.”


“I find myself stuck doing bookkeeping and paperwork during evenings and weekends whilst my employed friends chill out. I’m constantly worrying that I’ll make a mistake and end up in trouble with the Tax Man, but I can’t afford to employ a full-time bookkeeper.”


We use industry-leading Xero cloud accounting software to provide you with real-time information.

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The day to day reconciling of the financial transactions in your business on Xero cloud accounting software.

VAT Returns

Compliant with the latest Making Tax Digital (MTD) guidelines.

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Returns

Verification of all subcontractors in accordance with HMRC guidelines and submissions on time every month.

Management Accounts

Regular updates to your bookkeeping will enable us to provide you with monthly or quarterly reports on the performance of your business


Weekly or monthly we can fulfil your payroll requirements and provide an online platform for your team to collect payslips.

Who We Are

At LilyIris Accounting we specialise in the day to day accounting for the Construction Industry covering Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

We provide support to Sole Traders and Limited Companies looking for annual self assessment tax return to be completed or day to day support.

Our team provides personal accounting services to each of our clients, on Xero cloud accounting software and we are regulated by the International Association of Bookkeepers.

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Whilst for some business owners it’s ‘something they have to do’ for others it’s a passion. LilyIris Accounting understands how essential it is for the small business owner to keep on top of their financial affairs. We see all too often how hard work isn’t the only ingredient needed to succeed, however some small business owner’s focus so much on the job in hand they can miss the most important factor in running a small business.

One client that LilyIris helped was Total Project Solutions Limited, a successful home improvement business. Owner Kevin Wotton had asked Samantha to help explain why his cashflow seemed to be very erratic. It transpired that he didn’t have a process to ensure every job from a specific contract went from order, completion, invoice and payment. After talking through how orders come in, how jobs get allocated to contractors and so on, we came up with a process to be followed for each order. This ensured that each job is profitable, got allocated to the appropriate contractor and completion is notified quickly. The invoice is then raised and sent to the customer regularly to meet the weekly payment run.

The review of this process only took a couple of hours but is saving Kevin days’ worth of his time, that used to be spent checking back through order listings to ensure they have been invoiced.
The biggest bonus from the whole process was £6k of older jobs that hadn’t even been invoiced

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Total Project Solutions Ltd

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Are you a Sole Trader, Quickbooks/Sage user or looking for tax advice?
We only do Sole Trader Tax Returns for people working in the Construction Industry. We don't do any other Sole Trader Tax Returns, tax planning or use Quickbooks/Sage - but we can recommend some fabulous people that do!

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