Do you have that bag of receipts hiding in the corner?

You add to it month in, month out and spend all of Christmas worrying about turning it into a tax return in January.

Would you like to be more organised?

Your tax return is left right until the last minute to be submitted and then you panic because you don’t have the money for your tax bill?

What if you could do your bookkeeping every month and budget for that annual tax bill PLUS fully understand the financial performance of your business and use the information you have gathered to increase your profitability?

You Can! Join The Solopreneur’s Bookkeeper Membership Club.

This membership is for sole traders desperately looking for support and guidance with their bookkeeping and annual tax return but can’t afford to pay someone to take the task off their hands.

For the duration of the tax year you will receive:

  • Assistance with updating your bookkeeping on FREE Xero cloud accounting software
  • Monthly profit & loss report for your business, plus a tax and national insurance calculation to help you budget
  • Private Facebook group to ask questions relating to your bookkeeping and financial performance
  • Guidance on tax deductible costs and pricing
  • Advance notification to changes to tax allowances and rates and guidance on changes to HMRC practices directly affecting sole traders
  • Annual HMRC self assessment submission done for you


Are You Ready to Join?

12 months £390*

Sign Up for the 2018-19 tax year in advance and receive 12 months for the price of 10 PLUS Free Xero set up and 60 min training

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Pay Monthly £39*

Alternatively pay monthly for the 2018-19 tax year and only pay for 11 months PLUS Free Xero set up and 60 min training


* Terms & Conditions apply

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