Paperwork – Aaarrrggghhh……..

Every business owner hates bookkeeping and paperwork.  Unfortunately, it must be done.  And it must be done in a prescribed format… otherwise the Tax Man will be on your back.  And when done accurately it provides critical financial information, key performance indicators and aids decision making.

It’s also difficult.  That’s why there are bookkeeping exams.  That’s why there are professional bodies like International Association of Bookkeepers.

And because everyone hates bookkeeping – you’d much rather be out there making money from your business – most people end up doing it in the evening or at weekends.  Yet, shouldn’t evenings and weekends be spent playing with the kids, spending time with your friends and loved ones, or out on the golf course?

A far better option is to employ a bookkeeper to get the job done properly.  Unfortunately, full time qualified bookkeepers typically cost £27,000 (source:, together with all the other associated costs and hassles of employing someone.

So why not let us take away all that hassle so you can spend your time with the people you love and doing the things you love.

We also take things a step further; we don’t just do the bookkeeping, we offer a cloud accounting service with access to our real-time information system.

The benefit of our real-time information system

We use an industry-leading cloud accounting system giving you instant access to information in real time.  This means you benefit from:

  • 24/7 access to up-to-date financial information and reports from any device with an internet connection (you can access your numbers with your smartphone or tablet),
  • Being able to sleep at night knowing your sensitive financial data is always secure and backed-up automatically,
  • No system downtime because all software upgrades are automatically installed. This worry-free maintenance saves you time and hassle,
  • Reduced accountancy fees because it makes it easier for us to produce end of year accounts, and
  • Since we can access your data 24/7 you get more value from us – we can help you run and grow your business rather than just adding up the numbers.

So, what does it all cost?

Much, much less than the £27,000 you would pay for a full-time bookkeeper.

A silly way to price

Most self-employed bookkeepers will quote you an hourly rate.  In fact, The Bookkeepers Alliance reports the average hourly rate is £26.

We think that’s unfair.

Firstly, an hourly rate means you have no idea how long the job will take and therefore how much it will cost you until after the work is completed.  Secondly, if we make mistakes or take longer you pay more.  That doesn’t seem right to us… it’s certainly not fair.

So, what we do is give a fixed price (based on your particular circumstances and what you want).  That way you can budget and plan.  And if we are slow and the work takes longer that’s our problem not yours.

Setting up your cloud accounting system

A cloud accounting system will make your life so much easier.  If you do not currently have a cloud accounting system there is a one-off payment from as little as £297 plus VAT to get your system set up.

Your options at a glance

The following pages summaries what we offer for Limited Companies and Sole Traders

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